200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

We are partnering with Therapeutic Approach Yoga and Wellness Centre to provide a 200 hour YTT registered with Yoga Alliance

TAYS has been certifying qualified and inspiring yoga teachers since 2002. Our 200-hour program is based on both the traditional yoga and meditation practices of the east combined with the biomechanical approach of the west. Upon completion of the 200-hour program, you will have the skills you need to teach public hatha yoga classes along with the inspiration to share the benefits of yoga.

Our instructors backgrounds  in Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Kinesiology, Psychology and Osteopathic Studies help to keep our program focused and clear. With these skills and this knowledge base we stand out from other Yoga Teacher Training programs. Our YTT teachers Mike Munro, Maxine Jeffrey Helen Fong, Abra Morrison, and Kate Forget each have different educational backgrounds, yoga and life experience and skill-set. A frequent comment following our teacher training weekends is about the appreciation of our teachers and how we all work together to make the program informative and complete. Our program is a highly regarded program that graduates excellent yoga teachers with the skills, confidence and knowledge to teach yoga.


August 2nd-28th 2020

Weekly schedule will be announced shortly


Early bird tuition $3240.00+HST if $500.00 deposit is made before June 1st (this deposit will go towards your tuition)

Full tuition  $3400.00+HST


reactive wellness and TAYS are dedicated to the ongoing professional and personal development of yoga teachers through in-depth yoga education. Yoga education involves both a careful study of yoga practices from eastern and western perspectives as well as the practical application of theories and teaching methodology presented. We have designed our program to facilitate your growth as a teacher in a way that informs your teaching and also empowers your independence as a yoga educator.

Techniques - 100 hours

We learn 100’s of postures and various modifications and variations of these poses. We practice teaching from day 1, allowing our teachers to be extremely comfortable and skilled in teaching students during and following the program. We have a focus on meditation and believe a strong meditation practice positively influences and affects our personal practice and our teaching ability. The following is a breakdown of topics based on our full 200-hour YTT program.

Teaching Methodology – 20 hours

Participants will understand the sequencing of classes, the kinesiological approach to preparing the body for safe and effective exercise and be able to develop and offer solid yoga classes to the general public. Regular postures clinics will provide demonstration and opportunity for practicing verbal teaching and physical assisting of yoga poses. You will learn how to structure a safe an effective yoga class allowing your students to feel properly taken care of and individually benefited. We learn pranayama techniques and its effects on the body as well as learning how to incorporate these techniques into your teaching and practice.

Anatomy/Physiology – 25 hours

Our team is skilled in offering anatomy and physiology thank you to our health backgrounds. You will learn not only the structural anatomy and physiology of the body but you will also learn how to apply this information to yoga. You will learn common misalignment problems and how to manage these issues. You will learn common medical and surgical conditions such as arthritis, herniated disc, high/low blood pressure, hyper/hypothyroid function, pregnancy, etc, their effect on the human body and how this information applies to yoga and is managed through a yoga class with a “therapeutic approach”. You will learn how to sequence classes and you will learn conditioning poses that will prepare the body for deeper poses thereby providing safety.

Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle – 40 hours

You will learn and discuss the idea of union; Union of mind, body, and breath. You will discuss the Yamas and Niyamas, which are moral and ethical observances for the practicing yogi. You will explore concepts and ideas such as relative and absolute truth, chakras and nadis, therapeutic applications of yoga,

Written exam and practical class

At the end of the program, participants will complete a written exam that tests individuals’ knowledge of the entire course content. The pass mark is 70%, however, all individuals are given a passing grade, if and when they understand the information presented in the course. A practical test class, in which public participants are invited, is examined and critiqued. This allows the graduating teacher to provide safe, effective and enjoyable yoga classes during and following the course.

20 Indirect hours: elective and practice teaching hours

In addition to 180 direct contact hours obtained during the training program, participants are required to log/journal 10 hours of practice teaching on their own. Additionally, 10 hours of approved electives are required.



  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Applicants must have a Grade 12 High School Diploma or equivalent.

  • Minimum 1 year of serious yoga study and practice. Student applicants need not be "advanced" students but should have a dedication to practice and have a sincere interest in deepening their own practice and/or becoming yoga teachers.

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