Speech Language Pathology Services

Paediatric (Preschool and School-Aged) Services:

Feeding Therapy
• Feeding intervention and strategies for picky eaters and problem feeders based on a sequential feeding program.

Fluency Therapy
• Individualized assessment and treatment programs targeting the moment of stuttering as well as introducing positive thinking strategies to enhance social communication across environments.

Speech Sound and Oral Motor Speech Therapy
• Provide training and therapy for the improved production of the sounds we use in
words, to improve overall intelligibility in conversation.

Language Therapy
• Provide training and therapy to improve a child’s use and understanding of language.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication
• Provide training and support around the use of alternative methods of communication (when a person’s voice isn’t an option).

Social Communication
• Provide training and intervention to support the development of early social communication skills (e.g., social referencing) in children who have social communication disorders.

Adult Services:
Voice Therapy

  • Evaluate voice use and vocal function to determine the causes of voice loss and the most appropriate treatments for improving and maintaining voice production.

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