Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

By Neal Jamieson, Naturotherapist

Fascial stretch therapy consists of gentle stretching, light traction and deep breathing.

The client lays on their back on a bed for an hour and I take their body through different

stretches head to toe, the stretching is pain-free and focuses on the fascial nets in the


Benefits of FST:

  • Increase Range of Motion

  • Muscular Balance and Symmetry

  • Improved Running Speed

  • Reduced Pain

  • Reduced Risk of Injury

  • Improved Posture

  • Improved Muscle Function

  • Improved Circulation

  • Decrease Compression and Impingement in the Joints

  • Improved Energy

With our lifestyles becoming more sedentary comes an entire range of aches and pains, some of which can be serious and affect our ability to move freely which in turn

decreases our quality of life. In an effort to help people with chronic pain, research has

been done into human anatomy and the new techniques of fascial stretch therapy have been developed.

Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue of the body which over time naturally tightens and with lack of intervention can contribute to a host of different issues. A Fascial Stretch Therapist uses this new technique to provide a pain-free treatment, involving assisted stretching and breathing exercises whilst the client lays comfortably on the treatment bed. The use of comfortable straps helps stabilize the limb which is not being stretched in order to facilitate complete relaxation and to enhance the effectiveness of the stretches being performed.

What are the main medical and health conditions you treat?

This is a very powerful therapy and I have treated many conditions such as Fibromyalgia, disc herniations, chronic headaches, plantar fasciitis and stressed or high anxiety level individuals. I have also been treating sports professionals looking to improve their performance. My clients have been benefiting from FST, noting a marked improvement in restoring, maintaining and improving mobility as well as improved well being and quality of life. My aim is to treat the whole individual, both physically and mentally within my scope of practice.

With the successes I have had so far, I aspire to continue to help islanders from all walks of life to enjoy their lives pain-free.

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