6 Benefits In Joining A Walking Group

by Danika Atchia, Kinesiologist

If you are thinking about being more physically active and are looking for something easy and fun, then joining a walking group is a perfect place to start!

Here are 6 reasons why joining a walking group will be the best start for your active life:

1. Movement is therapy:

At Reactive health, we believe that staying active (aka movement) is the best therapeutic option as well as critically important for your health. Joining a walking group means you will be physically active on a regular basis, which has proven to results in MANY health benefits, amongst which:

-Balance: Each extra step using your leg, back and core muscles that keep you standing, build up your endurance and increase balance by preventing falls from weakened muscles.

-Memory: Being physically active has shown to increase blood flow to the brain bringing essential nutrients and oxygen which contribute to cognitive abilities such as memory, problem-solving and creativity.

-Energy levels: Similarly, physical activity increases blood flow to all parts of the body allowing more energy production!

-Independence: Since regular physical activity contributes to better balance and memory, it inevitably contributes to a person's independence as they do not have to rely on anyone to put their clothes on or go grocery shopping!

2. Motivation:

All the benefits listed above can simply be acquired by doing any kind of physical activity, and we know all know that we should be more active to be healthier. Unfortunately, most people also know that smoking is bad for their health, yet they still do it. So how do we take action? You guessed it... by joining a walking group!

How? Why? By joining a walking group you not only make a commitment to yourself but to your group and that hold you accountable for not showing up. Walking group just like book clubs or other group-based activities are something to look for that you only have to show up to!

3. Being part of a community:

As humans, we are usually quite social beings! Being part of a walking group allows you to belong, have a purpose toward your own health and that of others you encourage by participating. It is always great to be part of something that is good for you mentally and physically. Your walking group might even become your family, who knows?

4. Meeting new people:

Along with being part of a community, walking groups allow you to exchange with new people you might never have known otherwise: whether it is a new friend or a new business partner. You might also learn about new things about the world from someone else's point of view and their past experiences. And what better than listening to a good old story you've never heard before?

5. Learning experience:

Walking programs are usually designed by qualified health practitioners who will teach you different things about walking, being active, being healthy and being safe. And if you are lucky your instructor might even be funny!

6. Mood booster:

Not only will regular walking make you feel really good after a fun walk, they are also something to look forward to after a stressful day. Being with people can get your mind of the negative in your life and what a better way to let off steam than to walk outside with your group?

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