Deirdre Kessler

Deirdre Kessler studied Iyengar yoga with Pamela Stewart from 2006 to 2016. In 2016-2017 she completed yoga teacher training certification with Ruth Richman. In October and November 2017, she completed Yin & Restorative Yoga intensive with Samantha Sambrooke.

Erika Kilam

With 15 years teaching experience, Erika has studied with some of the most influential instructors in contemporary yoga. For the last 5 years, she has been sharing her extensive knowledge of the physical practice with teachers-in-training for Maritime Yoga College - helping dedicated students rediscover their alignment has been an inspiration. 

Allison St. Pierre

Allison has been an avid athlete throughout her youth and continues her love of movement and fitness through teaching various group fitness classes both in Stratford and Charlottetown. Allison has a Graduate Degree in Professional Kinesiology and uses her knowledge of the human body and functional movement to ensure safe and effective execution of poses/exercises throughout all of her classes.

Megan MacDonald

Megan Macdonald is originally from PEI and has been teaching yoga for four years. She trained at Prana Yoga College in Vancouver (200hr) and Tel Aviv, Israel (300hr) and is an Advanced Registered Yoga Teacher. While studying in Germany 18 years ago, she was introduced to her first yoga class. After years of dance it was a great way to help with back pain and stiffness. Six years later she had a daily home practice and has never looked back. She is also trained in Reiki to Master level and is also a Dalian Self-Healing Method Facilitator. Over many years she has come to realise the depth and breadth of this teaching to reach the body, mind and spirit. Trained in Classical Hatha, Restorative, and Entrainment Yoga.

Kate Forget

Kate was born and raised in Southern Ontario. During her youth, she figure skated competitively for many years. After moving to Northern Ontario she came back to figure skating as a Coach for 3 years. During this time, yoga was becoming increasingly important to maintain both her physical health and well being.

Her and her husband's new life journey brought them to The Gentle Island in 2017. Kate soon started Yoga Teacher Training with the Maritime Yoga College and graduated in May of 2018. She’s been actively teaching since graduation and you can catch her classes here at Now n Zen Yoga Studio, Infrared Fitness, and the Charlottetown Yoga Space.

Andrew Hume

Andrew Hume is a Clinical Kinesiologist, who has extensive experience working with individuals of a wide age-range dealing with persistent pain, chronic conditions and/or mobility issues. He teaches a small group exercise class designated to enhance functional strength and mobility, improve postural awareness and reduce muscular tension.

Andrea St. Jules

Andrea has explored several styles of yoga over the years since first stepping on the mat in 2005. She is certified in Holistic Hatha Yoga with Prenatal (Yogi Vishvketu, India), Kundalini Yoga (Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, LA), Yin Yoga (Jolene Bayda, Vancouver) and Yoga Nidra (Samantha Sambrooke, PEI).


She is also a certified doula (Pacific Rim College, Victoria) and founder of Earth Blossom Birth, holds a BA in Psychology, and a certificate in Thai Yoga massage.


Within her classes, Andrea
cultivates a supportive and calming environment, with a focus
on breath, awakening presence and unifying body, mind, heart
and spirit.

Andrea Simpson

Andrea’s first deep dive into yoga happened 20+ years ago as a student of Iyengar method, taught by Pamela Stewart. That solid beginning instilled a quiet discipline that followed her off the mat.  Seven years of studio instruction at The Yoga Room sustained her at-home practice for another decade.


Andrea rediscovered the fellowship of group yoga three years ago, at

Now n Zen, where she first met  advanced yoga instructor and founder of Maritime Yoga College. Samantha Sambrooke.  Andrea completed her yoga teacher training at the 200-hr level with MYC, in 2019. 

Andrea believes ‘slow yoga’ found her.  As a teacher-in-training, she often felt drawn to slower movement and breath.  This more subtle approach to yoga is for anyone who wants to discover more satisfaction in movement or deepen their practice.  Andrea looks forward to exploring the benefits of slow yoga with you. 

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