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GREY classes require preregistration and run for set amount of weeks

ORANGE classes are open to all membership types and drop ins!


4 Week Beginner Yoga Series

Sundays 4:30pm

Starting July 12th 

With Kate Forget

Preregistration Required



  • Focus on the breath - why is it important? (Then practice some different techniques)

  • Focus on stretching - what types are there and what do they do for our bodies? (Then practice & add breathing)


  • What types of yoga are there? Which classes are good for beginners?

       (Practice standing postures) learn neutral vs external



  • What are Sun Salutations?

       (Practice Sun Salutation A)

  • What is Savasana?

  • Why do we say namaste? & What is Sanskrit?


  • Full Class - Flow & Yin Practice 1hr

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Rise Up!

8 Week Program

2 Offerings 

Wednesdays 6:30pm or Saturdays 10:30am

Starting July 15 and July 18th

With Kinesiologist Danika Atchia and Manual Osteopath Allison St. Pierre

Preregistration Required


Learn effective methods to prevent falls and rise up from the floor.

During each class, we will work on BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH exercises.


The goal is for you to be able to comfortably get to the floor and get back up all by yourself at the end of the program. 

Additionally, an educational component will be provided about precautions to take at home.


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Chair Fitness

6 Week Program

2 Offerings 

Wednesdays 5:00pm or Saturdays 9:00am

Starting July 15th and July 18th

With Kinesiologist Danika Atchia

Preregistration Required


Stay physically active in the safety of your chair. 

Each class will consist of a CARDIO warm-up followed by some RESISTANCE exercise and FLEXIBILITY exercises to cool down. 

Throughout the class, you will be given tips on how to safely replicate the workout at home.

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Mother & Daughter Yoga

Starting July 21st

Tuesdays @7:30pm

This 6 week series is designed for Mother and daughter to helper each other build a stronger bong through the practice of yoga. Whether you're new to the practice or experienced, you'll benefit from an increase in mobility, balance, flexibility and strength. The series starts off with gentler classes and helps you work toward individual goals while you support and encourage one another on your own yogi journeys. 

With Kate Forget

Preregistration Required

$160.00+tax per pair!

Message us here to sign up or if you have any questions!

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